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Banxe to attend Infoshare 2022

Join us at the The biggest tech conference in CEE - Infoshare 2022. This is where visionaries and engineers come together. Join a truly innovative community and get inspired by the rapidly changing world of technology with Banxe.

1 min read

London’s 101 Fastest Growing Bitcoin Startups

3 min min read

Banxe will attend Web Summit 2022

We are pleased to announce that Banxe will take part in one of the most anticipated gatherings for startups, corporations, and investors - Web Summit 2022. The technology conference, where more than 70,000 participants from 160 countries will come together. If you haven’t already, grab your tickets now and say hi to us at the event.

1 min read

Banxe will attend Bits and Pretzels 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the Banxe team will be attending the Bits and Pretzels Festival this Fall. We will join 5,000 other founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts for three days of learning, networking & inspiration.

1 min read

Banxe Update 1.2

1 min read

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees: Is Crypto the Future of Overseas Payroll Solutions?

Cryptocurrencies are continuously growing in prominence, and now, are particularly showing their value in cross-border transactions. For large global companies, cross-border transactions are necessary to pay teams or partners ...

3 min read

Finance Derivative: The future of finance: How will decentralised finance impact the industry?

The financial industry is constantly changing, but decentralised finance (DeFi) is becoming more vital...

1 min read

Nerd for Crypto: Banxe: The Future of Finance?

The cryptocurrency market has the potential to revolutionise the digital payments industry, but is currently hindered by a lack of regulations and guidelines....

2 min read

The Fintech Times: Banxe: Unlocking Financial Potential with the merging of cash and crypto

Banxe: Unlocking Financial Potential With the Merging of Cash and Crypto...

1 min read

Elite Business: Revolutionising the financial world through crypto: Bridging the gap between old and new

Traditional payment methods will always have a role to play in how we conduct our financial lives – indeed, it is estimated that more than 63 million credit cards will be in use by 2025 in the UK....

2 min read

TechRound: 36 Women revolutionising Crypto

At a time where cryptocurrency, NFTs and the Metaverse are continuing to rise ...

1 min read
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