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What is banxe?
Banxe is unique platform that unites Cash&Crypto in one place Our mission - to enable every person to use cryptocurrency as they use traditional money, on day to day basis.
Banxe is a Team


We're unique not only in what we do but in who we are. We challenge, inspire, and drive each other to succeed. Together, we're creating a better future.

Culture diversity and inclusiveness

Ideas are created by people, inspired by a team. Our differences help those ideas come to life. Diversity drives innovation; by coming together in a diverse and inclusive team game-changing ideas are born. We value each unique perspective that helps us build the future.

100% remote

We empower you with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Your productivity and creativity will be enhanced with technology such as videoconferencing, collaborative platforms, project management tools, and data protection solutions.


United by goals. Creating the dream.

We dream big and envision ourselves as an essential part of our clients' financial future. We're driven by passion and empower our team members to think and act like owners. By creating a place where you can feel like yourself, grow, and innovate our united goal will hold no limits.

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values concept

New challenges and never boring. Long hours but seeing the final product come to life is rewarding. Great culture and opportunities to learn.

Marko Bailey Payment manager

The team is inspiring and teamwork is encouraged. The company is always looking to improve daily functions and listens to the employees.

Edward Petro Junior data analyst

The company where all the employees are valued. Management is always available to hear my ideas, concerns, and values my suggestions. I feel like I'm part of the Banxe family and not just an employee.

Alex Maker Marketing Assistant
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Usually the process takes 2 to 4 weeks, during which 4 interviews will take place
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Anthony DiMarsico Founder & CEO Banxe
Sasha DiMarsico Co-founder, Chief Communication Officer
Alex Guts Chief Business Development Officer
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Banxe LTD. (No. 11784778) designs and operates the Banxe website and app. Banxe LTD registered address: Queensbury House, 106 Queens Road, Brighton, East Sussex, England, BN1 3XF. Banxe is not a bank.

The current account that is offered on the Banxe platform is an e-money account provided by Tompay LTD, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (931509).

Tompay LTD. is registered in England and Wales. Registered address: Mocatta House, Trafalgar Place, Brighton BN1 4DU. Registered company number 12484741.Tompay LTD keeps customers' money (in equivalent amount to issued e-money available to customers) in a safeguarding account. This measure protects customers in case of Tompay LTD's insolvency.

The services offered are not subject to the protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Cryptocurrency services offered on the Banxe platform are not provided by Tompay LTD or Banxe LTD. Cryptocurrency services are not regulated by the FCA.

OÜ NeuroNext authorized by the Financial Intelligence Unit as a Virtual Currency service provider (License’s number is FVT000032). OÜ NeuroNext is registered in Estonia under company number 14917854. Virtual currency offered on the Banxe platform in exchange for virtual or fiat currency exchange services is solely provided by OÜ NeuroNext.

EC2A 4SD, England, London, London, 140 Tabernacle Street
E-mail: support@banxe.com