Banking your way with money and crypto

Manage GBP, EUR, USD and 350+ cryptocurrencies 24/7. Trusted by 100 000 users in over 100 countries since 2021
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Banking your way with money and crypto
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Local and global payments in one account

Local and global payments in one account
Dedicated IBAN
Transfers within Europe
Transfers within the UK
Currency Exchange
Global payments with any currency
Global transfers

Buy and sell crypto at market rates

More than 350 cryptocurrencies available
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Buy and sell crypto at market rates

Debit card your way

Top-up your card with money and crypto 24/7. Use for business or personal needs
Debit card your way
3D Secure
for your safety
£ 10 000
transaction limit
main currency
top-up transactions

Security for peace of mind

Our clients trust us with over 1000 transactions daily. We make it secure and easy
Pro Wallet for complete control of your crypto portfolio
Safeguard your digital wealth with private keys securely in your hands, granting you unparalleled control over both your assets and personal data
Pro Wallet for complete control of your crypto portfolio

Hear what our customers are saying

Valerie g.
I deal with fiat and cryptocurrency in my asset portfolio, so for me that was an important factor when looking for who to go with. From what I've seen so far, Banxe is quite versatile. You can also reach out to them any time if you have an issue, which yes, I've had a few already. I don't think anyone's perfect, but their team was helpful and understood what I needed.
I don’t work with a lot of funds (I’m like a part-time trader, I guess), and some platforms have ridiculous commissions, from what I’ve seen. Banxe’s fees are pretty reasonable though, at least from what I found while shopping around. Maybe someone else trades in small amounts like me, so you might find it useful, too. Oh and occasionally (very occasionally) confirmations for my transactions can take some time to show up. Other than that they’ve been reliable.
They’ve got really low commissions and don’t blast you with surprise fees, their approach to everything is innovative, and customer support is superb. The platform is slightly confusing to work with at first, and it can take some time to wrap your head around if you’re not experienced. Overall, though, I’m happy with them.
Honestly I like how well their customer service responds to and solves issues. I mean bad stuff can happen, or some problem can arise, so personally I’d rather have a less-than-perfect service with great customer service than the other way around. But don’t get me wrong, besides some minor technical issues, I haven’t experienced any problems that couldn’t be quickly resolved.

For startups, SMEs and enterprises

Open your Banxe Business account to grow and scale
Open your Banxe Business account to grow and scale
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Banxe BaaS: White-label solutions to expand your business
Banxe BaaS: White-label solutions to expand your business
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Our Products

Payment Account
Manage your finances in GBP, EUR, USD with a dedicated IBAN

Crypto Wallet
Manage your cryptocurrency from one account, exchange it for money, spend it with a debit card, and withdraw it

Business Account
Accelerate your business growth with a multi-currency account using a global payment account

Corporate Crypto Wallet
Empower your business with a secure, efficient, and scalable digital asset management solution


Open your account in 5 minutes

Open your account in 5 minutes
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Mobile banking and crypto app

Manage all your assets on the go
Mobile banking and crypto app
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Banxe?

Banxe is a platform that provides banking and crypto services for both individuals and businesses. Pay, receive, send, exchange, and earn with us. We support EUR, GBP, USD and 350+ cryptocurrencies.

How do I get started with Banxe?

To register an account, please follow these steps: Click the "Get started" button in the right upper corner, enter your email and chose a password (min. 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, 1 digit, and 1 special character), go through identity and account verification, top up your account. You're ready to use Banxe!

How can I withdraw my money?

If you wish to withdraw fiat funds select the 'Send Cash' button and fill in the required fields to complete the transfer. You will be prompted to complete the 2-factor-authentication to finalise the transaction. You may also withdraw fiat funds through an ATM by using your Banxe Card. If you wish to withdraw cryptocurrency, select the 'Send Crypto' button and fill in the required fields to complete the transfer. You will also be prompted to complete this 2-factor-authentication to finalise the transfer.

What countries are supported?

Banxe is available in the UK, EU, and the following countries: Australia Canada Chile Dominica Georgia Grenada Hong Kong Israel New Zealand Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Singapore South Korea Taiwan United States Uruguay Bahrain Japan Montenegro Qatar Saudi Arabia South Africa Argentina Malaysia Seychelles Ukraine Andorra Liechtenstein Monaco San Marino Kazakhstan

How do I top up my account?

You can top up your Banxe account with a Card, SEPA, SWIFT, or CHAPS.

What is a Banxe Card?

The Banxe Card is a debit card. It can be used in the same way as a standard debit card.

What coins are listed on Banxe?

There are currently more than 350 coins available on Banxe.

What are the account fees?

The pricing plans are built to reflect individual needs. To see the full pricing, click here

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