Make mass payments at once

Send money and crypto to multiple people simultaneously. Save time. Be efficient
Make mass payments at once

Benefit from payment automation

Scale your business
Process high-volume payout in one easy-to-manage file
Go global or stay local
Local and global payment can be sent in 350+ cryptocurrencies or EUR, GBP, USD
Stay organised
Once payments are sent, track and manage your payout history from your account
Benefit from payment automation

Reduce errors, cut time,
save on cost

Upload your batch payment in one easy to manage file, we'll validate the payments prior to sending to avoid returned payments
Give payments roles and only confirm transfers
Assign payment roles and simply approve transfers
Accountants can create and upload invoices and account owners receive notifications to review and approve the payments
Less administration due to integration with accounting in Xero
Less administration due to integration with accounting in Xero
Import and export bank statements for accounting purposes in a couple of clicks

How does it work?

  • Download the CSV template
    The template is available in Mass Payment section for download
  • Prepare the file
    The file preparation saves 80% of time in comparison with traditional transfer execution
  • Upload, validate, pay

Security for peace of mind

Our clients trust us with over 1000 transactions daily. We make it secure and easy
Security for peace of mind

Decrease routine processes and grow

Decrease routine processes and grow