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We're changing the way people are banking with crypto.

This is Banxe.

Our goal

Upgrade, reimagine, and revolutionise the banking experience. Our solution gives you faster, more flexible and convenient financial opportunities with one simple app.

Our visionaries

Anthony DiMarsico
CEO & Founder
Sasha DiMarsico
Chief Communications Officer & Co-founder
Alex Guts
Deputy CEO, Chief Business Officer
outstanding minds are working diligently to deliver digital banking with crypto

What we value

We challenge, inspire, and drive each other to succeed in creating a better future.
Diversity and inclusiveness
Diversity drives innovation; by coming together in a diverse and inclusive team game-changing ideas are born.
Collaboration, trust, and respect
As a team we support each other and our valued customers. We strive to create a work culture where people are supportive and kind.
Personal development
We don't underestimate the importance of growth and development - pursue your interests and goals while feeling inspired and passionate about your work.
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Our Story


In 2019, Sasha and Anthony DiMarsico, as seasoned entrepreneurs, faced multiple issues with opening an account that would allow them and their business to operate with cryptocurrencies. Lack of flexibility, high-rates, and complex banking and crypto environment didn't permit them and other entrepreneurs to cohesively use both crypto and money. They couldn't find a solution.

That's when Sasha and Anthony set out on a journey to create one platform that would unite both, banking and crypto worlds - Banxe was born to serve businesses and individuals.


While Sasha and Anthony are from the USA, they made a decision to first launch Banxe in the UK and Europe. This was contributed to the extensive market research with everyday users and industry professionals, as well as their own experience. With the experience gained from the European launch, they plan to expand into USA.

With the help of their talented and versatile team in banking, cryptocurrencies, marketing, and development they became the visionaries of upgraded banking. With the help of the brightest minds in the industry, further R&D, user and market research, and acquisition of licenses they continued to drive the concept of revolutionising banking with crypto.


After 2 years of preparation, they found the right approach by continuing to test the product and overcoming failures. Banxe launched in the beginning of 2022 and is now serving thousands of clients around the UK and Europe. Web3 and Startups are finally able to enjoy crypto-friendly corporate banking. While crypto enthusiasts can now instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and manage their traditional money in one platform. They use Banxe as their everyday payment solution.

Product development is continuing with plans to launch Crypto Cards and Mobile App. Our amazing team is constantly working on product line expansion to enhance services for our users.

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