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Own and use 350+ crypto for daily operations
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Transfer crypto anywhere anytime

Send and receive crypto from external wallets and Banxe users
Transfer crypto anywhere anytime

Convert crypto to money with ease

Buy and sell crypto at market rates
Buy and sell crypto at market rates
Exchange more than 350 cryptocurrencies to GBP, EUR, and USD
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Make large-volume exchanges
Make large-volume exchanges
Convert over €100 000 in volume with special rates and dedicated support

Optimise operations

Make multiple payments at once
Pay multiple vendors, suppliers, or employees at once with batch upload and single click
Make multiple payments at once

Integrate crypto getaway into your website and app

Start attracting new crypto-friendly clients with seamless API integrating. Accept crypto - get paid in EUR, GBP & USD and save money
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Integrate crypto getaway into your website and app

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Real-time market data for all assets

100 000+ users trust us with their portfolio

Top-notch security measures
Pro Wallet for complete control of your crypto portfolio
Safeguard your digital wealth with private keys securely in your hands, granting you unparalleled control over both your assets and personal data
Pro Wallet for complete control of your crypto portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Banxe?

Banxe is a platform that provides banking and crypto services for both individuals and businesses. Pay, receive, send, exchange, and earn with us. We support EUR, GBP, USD and 350+ cryptocurrencies.

How do I get started with Banxe?

To register an account, please follow these steps: Click the "Get started" button in the right upper corner, enter your email and chose a password (min. 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, 1 digit, and 1 special character), go through identity and account verification, top up your account. You're ready to use Banxe!

How can I withdraw my money?

If you wish to withdraw fiat funds select the 'Send Cash' button and fill in the required fields to complete the transfer. You will be prompted to complete the 2-factor-authentication to finalise the transaction. You may also withdraw fiat funds through an ATM by using your Banxe Card. If you wish to withdraw cryptocurrency, select the 'Send Crypto' button and fill in the required fields to complete the transfer. You will also be prompted to complete this 2-factor-authentication to finalise the transfer.

What countries are supported?

Banxe is available in the UK, EU, and the following countries: Australia Canada Chile Dominica Georgia Grenada Hong Kong Israel New Zealand Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Singapore South Korea Taiwan United States Uruguay Bahrain Japan Montenegro Qatar Saudi Arabia South Africa Argentina Malaysia Seychelles Ukraine Andorra Liechtenstein Monaco San Marino Kazakhstan

How do I top up my account?

You can top up your Banxe account with a Card, SEPA, SWIFT, or CHAPS.

What is a Banxe Card?

The Banxe Card is a debit card. It can be used in the same way as a standard debit card.

What coins are listed on Banxe?

There are currently more than 350 coins available on Banxe.

What are the account fees?

The pricing plans are built to reflect individual needs. To see the full pricing, click here

Get a physical and digital card that empowers your business and your team can use it anywhere, anytime. Custom limits, top-notch security, crypto and money top-up 24/7. Control expenses and set limits. Block and freeze card transactions. Open with ease - register for business account, order, card, and start spending.