Banxe platforms update 1.5

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time 1 min read date 04.04.2023
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Banxe platforms update 1.5 

We’re thrilled to share the newest updates for Banxe. With the new and improved Banxe V1.5 your banking with crypto experience will be even better. 

Besides general bug fixes, here’s a short list of what’s new: 

ProWallet. The wait is over! Now, Banxe.com is available to anyone, anywhere. Meet the new decentralised Banxe crypto wallet - ProWallet. With this non-custodial wallet, all Banxe users can now have absolute anonymity and freedom. To create a ProWallet, simply go to Banxe.com and click on Create an Account. Once your account is open, you can enjoy a fusion of decentralised and centralised tools. No Account Verification (KYC) is needed! The following currencies are available for the ProWallet: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and TRX. Available networks are TRX, ETH and BTC. Make sure to set your Seed Phrase and the master password as ProWallet is fully decentralised, so only you have access to it.

Crypto Earn. Earning passive income is no longer just a dream. With Banxe Crypto Earn,you can earn up to 10% APY in stablecoins. Start growing your assets today, tomorrow you will thank you. Crypto Earn’s smart system is on a constant lookout for the best farming, staking, and liquidity-providing opportunities; to offer high returns with low risks, Banxe Crypto Earn doesn't just stick to one option. The earnings are added to your account several times a day. Crypto Earn supports both Fiat currencies and Crypto. Start earning with as little as $10 or equivalent. Learn more about Crypto Earn in your Banxe Account.

Smoother experience. To amplify your experience, we also altered the design, which will now give you a smoother flow within your account. Easily manage your money and crypto account and enjoy better transaction analytics. 

Improved communication with Customer Support. Now, you can communicate with our support team directly from your Banxe account using a live chat. No need to open any new windows or follow any additional links. You can also reach out to our support team via Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, email, or live chat on the website. Our Help Centre is also a great place for most often asked questions. 


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