TechRound: A Chat with Anthony DiMarsico, CEO at Banxe: The World’s First Platform Uniting Crypto and Cash

authorBanxe Team
time 1 min read date 06.03.2022
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"Banxe is the next-generation financial platform, uniting traditional and digital finances. Fully licensed, secure, and branch-free, Banxe gives people the freedom to pay, receive, invest, trade, and exchange with both cash and crypto - unlocking their financial potential, by empowering anyone to use crypto as simply and conveniently as cash. In short, it's one convenient and reliable place to manage cash and crypto.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After researching different apps and exchanges, we were surprised to learn that there are no solutions for simple crypto adoption. We questioned why there is there no simple way to use crypto as easily and conveniently as cash, in one single platform..."

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