Banxe Update 1.1

authorBanxe Team
time 1 min read date 27.04.2022
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We’re excited to announce a new and improved version of Banxe V1.1. With the addition of helpful features your experience with Banxe will be even better. Here’s a shortlist of what we’ve done:

Platform performances

The loading speed has increased by 4x in comparison with the previous metrics. Yup, now you can fly through your transactions. Fasten your seatbelt. 

Email Notifications

You will now receive automatic notifications relating to the status of your account, maintenance, and important updates.

Bug Fixes

With the help of our loyal Banxers we were able to identify and fix minor bugs. Now, it will be a smoother ride.  

Do you want to see your “favourite” bug features on this list? We do too. Send over your suggestions at support@banxe.com and help us make your experience better.  


Your Banxe Team!


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