Elite Business: Revolutionising the financial world through crypto - Bridging the gap between old and new

authorBanxe Team
time 2 min read date 22.05.2022
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Traditional payment methods will always have a role to play in how we conduct our financial lives – indeed, it is estimated that more than 63 million credit cards will be in use by 2025 in the UK. However, the financial market is evolving and digital payments are becoming more influential. The world of digital currencies has come far since the first model of digital currency was conceived in the US during the 1980s. This saw a mass economic shift in payments, and since then, the emergence of the first decentralised cryptocurrency in 2009, Bitcoin, and now many other forms of digital payment services. Digital currencies are the next evolution of payments, but that needn’t be at the expense of cash. Instead, they will complement each other and work in tandem.

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