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Banxe Update 1.2

Banxe Team
1 min read 12.07.2022

We’re excited to announce the new and improved version of Banxe V1.2. With the addition of helpful features, your experience with Banxe will be even better. Here’s a shortlist of what we’ve done:


New Features

You can now send crypto using a phone number, email, or wallet ID inside the Banxe network absolutely for free. And there is no minimum amount when sending crypto! 


Updated account verification flow

Now, you can enjoy an easier account verification to begin using all the services offered on the platform, even faster. Choosing your location is now easier.. 


Strengthened security

We improved the Captcha performance, added GeoRouting, sort code, and source key manual. Security was updated with an SMS bot and overall back of house processes.  



We’ve updated the email, SMS, new activity alerts, and other pop-up notifications on the platform. 


Bug Fixes

With the help of our loyal Banxers we were able to identify and fix minor bugs. They include adding the Top-up button on the home page and the Cash Account tab. The user flow to send crypto was improved.

Do you want to see your “favourite” bug features on this list? We do too. Send over your suggestions at support@banxe.com and help us make your experience better.  


Your Banxe Team!

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