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Asset Digest: Changing the Future of Personal Finance by Combining Cash and Crypto

Banxe Team
2 min read 09.05.2022

Stocks, shares, investments in property, or even in cryptocurrencies – many people today are trying to boost their income with a variety of new revenue streams. But by merging cash and crypto currencies, people can now complete transactions with a choice of currency and not be restricted to just using traditional money. However, as with all other financial revenues, there are potential pitfalls to avoid – cryptocurrencies are constantly changing, new regulations are being implemented and new tax reforms are being discussed, so it is easy for non-crypto users to become confused and lost in the noise.

As payments become more digitalised, the world of financial transactions is fundamentally changing, and eyes are on the crypto industry as many wonder how it will lead the charge. But if a constantly evolving environment wasn’t enough of a restriction for budding crypto users, they currently face another major hurdle to advancing their crypto journey – friction. 

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