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Everyone has long been aware of video games. New engines for building games, improved graphics, and many other features are introduced into such projects every year. However, the introduction of P2E into the gaming industry has turned it upside down. The term plays to earn means that gamers can earn by staking, farming in-game currency, or creating tokens.

Users receive money for achievements in the game, collect collectable NFT cards and cryptocurrency, and then sell it on the domestic market. Many thousands of people worldwide choose this industry as the primary source of profit.

We have compiled a list of the top 3 Play-to-Earn projects of 2022.

1) Battle Infinity

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It is a new blockchain-based decentralized multiplayer game that takes advantage of the metaverse, not tokens. In it, fantasy sports players can earn cryptocurrency to manage the game economy, etc. This game combines 6 different platforms full of unique features. The game includes its own decentralized exchange, metaverse, staking opportunity and NFT market.

The primary token is limited to 10 billion BEP-20 $IBAT; it provides a gaming ecosystem. It rewards players, wins bets, and more.

Battle Infinity offers products such as:

  1. Battle Swap - A specialized gaming exchange where players can buy and sell the Battle Infinity token

  2. Battle Market - This is the NFT market for in-game items such as skins, weapons, avatars, collectable cards, characters, and land. Their price depends on quality and rarity.

  3. Battle Games - This is a game store where each user will find an NFT game according to their taste preferences. Here, you manage a virtual team of real sports games. You can choose football or hockey, basketball or tennis. For effective team management, players are rewarded with in-game items.

  4. Battle Arena - In the Battle Arena, players interact in real-time in the metaverse.

  5. Battle Staking - A one-of-a-kind staking platform where stakers compete for the highest annual APY

  6. IBAT Premier League - Here players create their own teams and fight against other players with such teams, buying real players from the sports world. To access this mode, you need to buy an NFT pass.

2) Silks

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Unique metaverse blockchain P2E game based on actual events. This project is based on real-time thoroughbred horse racing, with each horse in the game being an analogue of a real horse competing in competitions. Anyone who has thought about buying a Thoroughbred sport horse can now do so at Silks. Here you can interact with Silks avatars, horses, in-game currency and lands.

The parameters of the acquired horses change in real-time from the training rate, pedigree and records. This makes the game genuinely unique in P2E.

The ecosystem of the project is $STT tokens. They can be received by the user for winning the race of his horse, breeding offspring and selling the horse. You can spend them on purchasing new horses, avatars, skins and much more.

The platform also has another essential so-called $SLK management token. The holders of this token can influence the growth of the project. They become part of the Silks DAO and make critical decisions in the P2E game. The project has the ability to convert $STT to $SLK.

A mint of a new avatar to start the game currently costs 0.45 ETH, which gives a more fantastic range of opportunities for beginners to enter the game. Hurry!


Top P2E projects of 2022 | Banxe - picture 3

One of the newest P2E games released in Q3 2022 and ready for metamask integration!

In this game, users compete for the main prize pool. At the beginning of the game, the user breeds puppies, raises dogs from them, feeding NFT food, which can be purchased on the in-game platform. As in real life, players can walk with their pets and buy treats and toys. The main goal is to grow your pet as quickly and efficiently as possible. The growth leaders will hit the fund's jackpot and receive the highest rewards.

The developers created their own TAMA token on the ERC-20 blockchain network and limited its number to 20 billion pieces. This move was made to populate this coin on as many decentralized exchanges as possible.

The pre-sale and beta version of the game has almost ended and will end at the end of 2 September 2022. To give peace of mind to the user, the developers asked, and projects like Solid Proof and CoinSniper already tested it and gave it a positive rating. Time does not wait!

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